If you wish to collect money for our organisation, it is possible, but we have some rules that must be followed: 

  1. You are always allowed to contribute to any of our projects through the CCDs homepage.

  2. It is not allowed to start a fundraiser without CCDs knowledge, but you can easily ask us if you can start a fundraiser for CCD. If the fundraiser is approved by CCD you can start collecting donations.

  3. It is not allowed to use the organisations name ‘Child Care Denmark’ or ‘Uganda Child Care’ to collect donations without prior approval by CCD.

  4. If you are approved to fundraise on CCDs behalf, the money must be deposited on CCDs bank account. We will then take care of distributing the money to the proper projects and keep track of accounting. (it is not allowed for sponsors to setup fundraisers in CCDs name, travel to Uganda and spend the money e.t.c.) 

These rules are setup to protect CCDs reputation in both Denmark and Africa.