These Trading & Delivery Terms apply to the purchase of goods bought through is owned by Child Care Denmark, CVR number. 30688023, address Farstrupvej 86, 5471 Søndersø, tel. +45 22858988, e-mail address


For ordering gifts for sponsor children

You have to order items/gifts for the sponsor child/Child Care through the webshop. As a "receipt" you receive a digital image of the child with the gift purchased. The image is uploaded to a Google drive folder that you can access and can be downloaded from there. If you buy a gift for your sponsor child, the delivery time is usually 2-3 weeks, but delays may occur, for example if there is a school holiday or if the child is absent from school due to illness. Reservations are made for this as well as other unforeseen events that may delay delivery (e.g. staff illness, strike, car breakdown or lack of fuel in the local area).

If the item is discontinued or sold out, the online shop will, as far as possible, deliver a similar item to the child. If this is not possible, the donator will be offered another item as compensation. It happens that a sponsor child moves and is impossible to find. If so, you will be notified as a sponsor and an un-delivered online order will be settled in collaboration with UCC's administrative staff. The sponsor is offered a new sponsor child, but if this is not desired, the CCD can reimburse the amount corresponding to the online gift.

If UCC employees mistakenly submit an online gift to the wrong child, the error will be corrected at no additional cost to you, provided that it is not self-indicted that the error occurred (for example, if the customer entered an incorrect number in the order).

Donation to projects

If a donation is made to an ongoing project for which funds are raised through the online shop, the donation will be earmarked for this and we the donation is used as agreed. Donated money goes to the projects uncut. Donations to projects are acknowledged with pictures sent by mail or in the sponsor's login.

Payment and delivery

We receive payment with Dankort, Maestro, MasterCard, Mobilepay, VISA.

Prices are quoted in Danish kroner (DKK). The delivery of the gift to the sponsor child is included in the price.

We deliver the item to the child within 1 month and you will receive a picture of the child with the item purchased for the child, which is your guarantee of delivery. However, reservations must be made about the child's holidays, illness and such which may delay delivery. The deliveries are made by local employees of Uganda Child Care.

Subscription Agreement

In general:

The following subscription terms apply to all subscriptions through Child Care Denmark. When you purchase a subscription or other goods and services, you agree to our general terms of trade.

Payment and renewal:

Payment for subscription orders is reserved on your payment card on the day of buying and is withdrawn immediately after the order is shipped. All subscriptions are renewed automatically unless otherwise stated.

Changes to subscription or personal data:

As a subscriber, you can make changes or cancel your subscription by contacting us.


When you buy a subscription, you have a 14-day-period as a right of cancellation.


Subscriptions are always prepaid and run until terminated. Subscriptions can be canceled by contacting us via email or phone. We reserve the right to cancel a subscription at any time.

Right of cancellation

There is no right on purchases as a "purchase" is a donation to the association and sponsor child.

Since we do not sell physical items, but a service where we deliver the item to the sponsor child, there is no return or cancellation right.

Privacy Policy

We understand and respect the importance of privacy on the Internet. We will not disclose information about customers/users to third parties unless necessary to implement a transaction. We will not sell your name, address, email address, credit card or personal data to any third party.

Information on complaints

If you wish to make a complain about a delivery or gift, please write to