For those who are considering wills for charity

By considering Child Care Denmark in your will, when you die, you can save lives that would otherwise be lost. Creating a will makes many things easier for your relatives. Here on the site we have gathered some useful information about inheritance and wills for you who are considering wills for charity.

No more estate tax (former inheritance tax) with a will

Charities in Denmark are exempt from the so-called housingtax to the state. This means that the amount that is being testified to us goes unreservedly to Child Care's work for children in need.

In fact, if you create wills and let us pay the estate tax for the other heirs, you can actually testify to charity without reducing the inheritance to your relatives. Without wills, where some of the inheritance is distributed to charity, your relatives must pay between 15 -25 percent in inheritance tax.

Exempt your relatives from living tax in your will.

When you create a will, you have several options for leaving wills to our charity. We can be added to the will as an heir to a grant, to a percentage of the inheritance, or as heir to the entire available wealth.

Free creation of wills

If you have decided to consider us in your will, you can make an appointment with regarding the creation of the will. Document 24 creates your will for free when inheritance is donated to Child Care in the will.

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