Foodparcel to a needy family

$ 42,9
Item number: A food parcel + bar soap to needy family

Help a needy family with a food package. The package contains, among other things, bags of maize flour and beans, which many Ugandans like. As "a thank you", you will receive an e-mail with photos of the family with your gift.

The bag contains the following:

- 3x cornmeal 1kg

- 3x beans 1kg

- 2x white rice 1 kg

-2x millet flour 1kg

- 1x sugar 1 kg

- 1x salt 1/2 kg

- 1x cooking oil 1/2 litre

- 1x tea leaves 100 g

- 1x a package of spaghetti

- 1x a packet of biscuits

- 1x bar of soap