Dear sponsors

Uganda is still corona closed

The country's government has decided that schools and educational institutions will continue to be closed until the end of August in the first instance, after which any possibilities for a health-sound reopening will be considered.

At the same time, the airport in Entebbe is closed, and the entire hotel and tourism industry in the country is down financially. The popular means of transport - the so-called boda bodas (taxi mopeds) are now allowed to drive with passengers. This is of very good and positive for many families, where the husband again has the opportunity to earn a daily wage for the family's upkeep.

The orphanage construction

At the new orphanage "Emmanuel 2" the outer walls have been finished, and the building now looks nice and as good as the orphanage Emmanuel 1. We have just received a good donation from a sponsor with 12000 danish kroner, - so now we can furnish the orphanage's living room and buy utensils for the kitchen. We are very grateful for that!

 The Emmanuel orphanages

The UCC home school

We have now distributed school books to all primary school children (0-7 class) and we are all in with home schooling. Our school teachers meet with the children either at home or at "hotspots" in the local area to  follow up on the children's school work.


Home schooling in Uganda

We have also come up with a good plan for the students in secondary (8-12 class) Here we have just hired 2 high school teachers and together with one of our social workers they will run home schooling from next week. The young people are given all books (physics, mathematics, physics / chemistry, biology and geography) for each of their grade levels and a roadmap for their studies which is prepared by our newly hired teachers.

The teachers will be available by telephone to the young people on a daily basis and will meet with them as needed.

Homeschooling in this way is something new that has never been tried in Uganda before, so we will continuously evaluate the process with the teachers, so that it can be really good.


Our webshop is always open so here you are welcome to buy food, clothes, shoes and many other practical things for your sponsored child. As something new, you can now also buy a nice Child Care t-shirt for yourself.

Emmanuel farm

On the farm, our first watermelons are coming up and we have also bought a number of coffee trees which are now being planted. These are robista beans that grows really well in that area

Klarup StorageHotel

In Klarup near Aalborg is our storage hotel which is owned by Child Care the rentals is going really well and now we have got solar cells on the roof with battery backup, so now we will save a lot of money on electricity for the next many years.

Child Care's Secondhandshop

The shop is a self-service shop located by the storage hotel in Klarup has just sent the first profit to Uganda where food, clothes and a lot of practical things were bought for the orphanages. I have shared the pictures on the local facebook group in the city so people can see where the profits go. Many are happy about this, so we hope that even more customers will drop by.

Become a volunteer in the store

We need 1 or 2 people who will help with sorting, laundry and layout of shop and storage 2-3 hours a week, so if you would like to help, we would love to hear from you. Write to or call 22858988 to find out more.

The shop i Klarup

First donation to the orphanage from the secondhand shop

Thank you for your faithfulness.

It means a lot to the children who appreciate the sponsorship so much, so thank you for your faithfulness!

God bless you!



Child Care