Gifts covering a single year (Paragraph 8A of the Tax Assessment Act in Danish “Ligningsloven”)

If you provide your social security number, you can obtain a deduction for gifts donated to Child Care Denmark.

·       You can receive a deduction on gifts up to a total maximum of DKK 16.600 in 2020 (DKK 16.300 in 2019).

·       You will automatically receive your deduction if you have given provided us with your social security number.

·       You can get deductions for both small and large amounts.

·       The value of the deduction is approx. 26%, which means that if you give DKK 100, you save approx. DKK 26 in tax.

·       You do not get a deduction for the membership fee.

Gifts and sums to be given for a period of at least 10 years (Paragraph 12, section 3 of the Tax Assessment Act in Danish “Ligningsloven”)

If you commit to paying an annual amount to Child Care Denmark for a 10-year period, you will receive a tax deduction corresponding to the gift - up to a maximum of 15% of your personal income. In such a case, you must enter into a written agreement with Child Care.

If you wish to enter into a written agreement, you are welcome to write to us at