Why volunteer in Uganda?

  • You are making a difference in children's lives in Uganda.

  • You get an unique experience to remember.

  • You get to meet a culture that is very different and you get to meet alot of great people.

What does a volunteer do?

As a volunteer at CCD you can work with many different things:

  1. Babyhome or child homes: You can care for our 30 children together with our lokal staff.

  2. Media: You can come with us to our different projects and help by taking pictures and film. Afterward the film has to be edited and published to our homepage, blog, youtube and facebook.

  3. Teaching: You can teach at the schools and our children's homes. As examples you could teach IT, sports, English or maths. 

  4. Practical: You can help by doing practical work as painting, building, repairing, farming or working in our Cafe or store.

How do you become a volunteer?

The first thing you have to do is to fill out an application. When the application is processed you will be notified about when and how you can travel to Uganda.

But first it would be a great idea to read our Volunteer Guide. Here you can read all about where you are going to stay, what we expect from our volunteers and what you can expect from us.