Newsletter from Child Care

Dear sponsors / donors

As we wrote in the last letter, the schools in Uganda are still closed due to the corona, so we have thought a lot about how we can help the children in this difficult time.

We have given a lot of food to the children in the last few months but we have not had the opportunity to get the children to school or to teach them until now.

Start-up of home school in Uganda

We have got the brilliant idea to make a home school for the children so that they can get started with their education again. Of course, we can not do as in Denmark with computer distance education, but we have still found a solution that we think can be used and that we will try.

All students in primary classes (from baby class to P7) will next week receive a textbook each, which follows the Ugandan school curriculum.

The children must then meet with a teacher (at school) once or twice a week, who will then correct tasks, guide and give new tasks. Some children will receive home visits from a teacher, but we expect that we can run the teaching in this way.

In this individual way of running the school, the teacher will be able to help the weak students and boost the strong ones.

We will see if we can do something similar for the big students too but more on that later.

Joan, Ivan, Moses and Walter with the school books for the children

We hope this initiative will be a success and that the children can now move on with their schooling.

Thank you for your support of the work and the children of Uganda.

God bless you!


Carsten Jespersen

Child Care